Few locations in Los Angeles County are as strategically advantageous as the City of Pomona. Located at the junction of 4 counties (Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange), Pomona is in the midst of a significant demographic expansion. With much of the available space from downtown Los Angeles to the San Gabriel Valley already absorbed, affordable housing can only be found to the east. Riverside and its surroundings have already experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, making the region one of the fastest growing markets in the country. Situated at the border of these counties, Pomona is one of the first cities to feel the effects of this trend.

   Pomona Ranch Plaza is located in an uptown, suburban neighborhood with excellent accessibility, and includes retail, restaurant, office and other uses. The 72-acre site is anchored by Wal-Mart and WinCo Foods Supermarket, totaling over 114,872 SF of Retail Space, 254,015 SF Office Space (verify square footage). Future projects include two Hyatt hotels and a mixed-use building. Situated at the junction of highways 60 and 71, the site enjoys visibility from both freeways. To take advantage of this visibility, two freeway pylon signs (60′ and 40′) have been erected. These features make this power center a self-sustained, master planned development that harnesses the regional growth and local culture.